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What's the point of EarthGoddessChurch?

Earth Goddess Church is not reinventing the wheel. We are not coming up with brand-new ideas. We are a rallying point, and if there is a storm coming we will be standing together, trained to help ourselves and others, offering the support all will need. 

There is no need to enumerate the global challenges to the environment and every living thing. Nor is there a need to describe the suffering being perpetrated by individuals, corporations and governments, and their motivations for their acts. It is far more potent strategy to focus on the antidote, the powerful stirring of the Spirit of Compassion that is awakening us to the oneness of all of life. 

For those who have begun to awaken, EarthGoddessChurch offers a focus for the HeartMind, the source of all life. We know the Goddess and we share what we have learned, the ways to access Her freely given, infinite gifts of abundance, health and joy. Those of us who clear our minds and hearts of the dark dreams of anger, fear and hopelessness feel the embrace of Her love and sacred Presence. We receive Her gifts and are able to help others receive them as well. We are the tipping point, raising the energy vibrations in our mind-hearts and radiating it through the universe. Though social action is an important work, clearing our minds and hearts to receive and radiate the Goddess may be the only thing that can make a real difference in this critical time. We invite you to join us and find out.