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Power Thoughts Meditation Club

Power Thoughts Meditation Club is the heart project of two brothers, Kenneth and Alexander Soares.

They combine positive affirmation, guided meditation, hypnosis, solfeggio frequencies  and beautiful music, and offer very effective healing. The button to the right will bring you to their website and blog, and also check out their channel on YouTube!

Consciousness-Raising Sound

Sound has a powerful effect upon our consciousness. Certain frequencies can induce higher brain frequencies and more harmonious mental states. Employing sacred geometric sound design, universal harmonics and solfeggio frequencies, consciousness evolution can be achieved. 

The Rainforest Foundation

Their mission is to support indigenous and traditional people of the world's rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfill their rights. 

Forest protection and human rights are interconnected. Indigenous peoples around the world are currently living sustainably in what are considered the most "pristine" rain forests. This is not a coincidence. The people who depend on the forest for their livelihoods, culture and spirituality are careful in their use of the forest. There are no better forest stewards. The most effective way to protect rain forests is to ensure that the indigenous communities who have historically managed and protected those forests have secure and long term rights to their lands and resources. 

Ways to Know the Goddess Page Three

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There are many rewarding ways to increase your awareness of the Great Goddess Who is aready within you and all around you.The possibilities are endless! It is also said that any act of pleasure that harms none is a sacrament of the Goddess, so being kind to yourself also counts.

​ Becoming more aware of the Goddess in every moment can be achieved by what we could call inner work. This involves clearing away obstacles which prevent our bodies and minds from perceiving Her sacred beauty in each moment. Once these roadblocks to our own happiness and connection to Nature are removed, our bodies and minds will be clear, and we regain our ability to receive the abundant gifts that are freely given from Her bounty. 

​ The outer work is every expression of our gratitude to the Goddess, and of using our abilities to raise love energy and ease suffering. It includes solitary practices of praise and celebration, as well as practices with other like-minded persons who aspire to heal, raise and radiate love, and lessen the aggression and suffering that is so prevalent. 

Inner work and outer work are intertwined and overlapping practices, and each enrich the other. The following are a few suggestions for opening further to the Goddess. Links to other organizations and groups who can help us on our journey will be continually added.