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For our awareness to be clear and bright, we need to keep our body as fit as our mind. Exercise is as important as a healthy diet to clear our systems of the poisons and unusable substances that cloud our perceptions. With exercise we can raise our vitality and energy, and we will be able to utilize the gifts of the Goddess most effectively. Plus we will feel a whole lot better!


In our body, there are seven main energy centers lining up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. These are known as chakras, which in Sanskrit means "wheel".  A basic awareness of our chakras, their locations, color associations and organ correspondences is helpful to maintain health and wellbeing. If any chakra is blocked or undernourished there are methods to cleanse and energize your chakras. These can include yoga, proper diet and exercise, positive thinking, and visualization of the chakra colors as being bright and strong. 


Since the dawn of humankind crystals have been used for healing and for atunement with the Life Force and with our highest mind.Gemstones and crystals resonate with frequencies that can positively affect our brainwaves and our body's energy. It is said that they can be used to communicate with higher beings and beings in other realms/dimensions as well as elemental beings of the ether and the earth. With just a few crystals, a world of new and positive practices can be explored. (Contact us for a 10% off coupon for your crystal purchases!!)

​Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a powerful tool to free our minds from the negative programming which we have accumulated from our past experiences. Within us is unlimited wisdom and ability creativity and strength. Your unlimited potential is only awaiting the stimulation of your desire to spring forth and bring you to whatever you desire. You have the key to that door. Only you can unlock it. Only you! For many, self hypnosis is the first step in unlocking that door. 


There are an endless number of ways to meditate. Any technique which allowes us to let go of our discursive, judgmental, busy thoughts and enter into a relaxed state of mental calm and clarity will be beneficial.  In Tibetan Buddhism there is a technique called shamatha, which is Sanskrit for "peaceful abiding". It brings us to a conscious awareness of the continual, ongoing stream of thoughts that shape our perception of the world and of ourselves.  Sit crosslegged on a cushion or in a chair with back straight. Allow the hands to rest on the thighs. Gaze with eyes half open at the floor in front of you without focusing upon anything in particular.  Lightly rest the mind upon the act of breathing, noticing how the air comes in and goes out, blurring the boundary between what is within and without. As we sit in this manner, we will become aware of our thoughts arising, almost in a waterfall torrent at first. Whether the thoughts are wonderful or terrible, we acknowledge them and let them go. In this way, we become familiar with these patterns and in time they begin to wear out. We can then begin to perceive the clarity which is behind our ordinary thoughts. That crystal clarity is a first glimpse of the beautiful and sacred world which is the Goddess. 

​Going Vegan

Sustaining ourselves cruelty-free is in iteslf a sacrament and an offering to the Goddess. The meat and dairy industries inflict torture on our brothers and sisters and do great harm to the biosphere. It is very possible to eat a completely balanced diet as a vegan, and once the horror and pain contained in ingested meat is out of our system, we can feel great about waking up in the morning. 

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Cleaning out the Body/Mind to

Make Way for the Goddess!

There are many rewarding ways to increase your awareness of the Great Goddess Who is aready within you and all around you. They include: switching to a vegan diet, social action, wicca, yoga, appreciating the beauty of nature, meditation, using tarot cards, working with crystals, or doing a bit of gardening. The possibilities are endless! It is also said that any act of pleasure that harms none is a sacrament of the Goddess, so being kind to yourself also counts.

​ Becoming more aware of the Goddess in every moment can be achieved by what we could call inner work. This involves clearing away obstacles which prevent our bodies and minds from perceiving Her sacred beauty in each moment. Once these roadblocks to our own happiness and connection to Nature are removed, our bodies and minds will be clear, and we regain our ability to receive the abundant gifts that are freely given from Her bounty.

Inner work and outer work are intertwined and overlapping practices, and each enrich the other. The following are a few suggestions for opening further to the Goddess. Links to other organizations and groups who can help us on our journey will be continually added.