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​What do I do to find the Goddess?

Though there are many techniques that will help, there is only one crucial prerequisite to having the presence of the Goddess with you every  moment of your life. If you want to feel Her love, know Her wisdom, receive Her healing and enjoy Her gifts of abundance, you have to invite Her into your life. 

Go to a quiet place where you are not likely to be disturbed. Still your mind as best you can, open your heart, and ask Her to come. Call her by the holy names She has been given from the beginning of time. Speak to Her frankly as you would to a friend, a sister, a mother, a lover. If you know a song to the Goddess, sing it with longing in your heart. And understand that you are really calling to a Divine Being that is the personification of the life force and heart and mind of all that is. There is nothing to fear, She knows you and loves you more than you know and love yourself!

If you do this, She will come. As simplistic as it sounds, as much as it flies in the face of reason, science and the material existence mass media wants us to believe in, She will come. The wonderful Goddess may not come as a vision of a beautiful woman in a glowing aura, as wonderful as that would be. She will probably come as an undeniable Presence. You will know that She is with you. You will feel Her healing filling your body and mind. Your enthusiasm and creativity will be unlimited. You will see indescribable splendor all around you and joy will fill you. Your possibilities will be endless and doors will open to you. 

If you have been living a life of self denial it is possible that the Goddess would want you to cleanse your perceptions before She entered your life. Without cleaning out your body and mind, it might be nearly impossible to perceive Her. Whether She arrives powerfully and quickly or whether Her voice is still faint for you, please try some of the techniques on the following pages (Ways to Know the Goddess). These pages give a brief introduction to each source of information/healing/practice,  and a link to a good site to get started. Try as many as resonates with you, and raise your energy. The voice of the Goddess will become more clear, and Her gifts will arrive abundantly!