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Who --About EarthGoddessChurch

This site is a place for everyone to rest in the joyous presence of the Goddess. We who dance with the Goddess are dedicated to healing and peace. There are many ways to experience the sacredness of the present moment and to feel the beauty of life and the natural world, but those who know the Goddess feel Her as the animate and creative Spirit Who is the Source of all that is alive and good.  

Earth Goddess Church is for everyone. Those who have ever had an unexpected moment of joy, or who have ever rounded a corner to find a scene of unspeakable beauty, has had a true glimpse of the Goddess. Everyone who has a longing for something more authentic and fulfilling in their lives, and wants to reconnect to their own reality and full potential, is already an awakening child of the Goddess.  This is your church. Welcome!

 It is our feeling that all faiths have a core of truth, and that all life, mind and spirit are one.  All major religions teach the sacredness and oneness of all life, and affirm the unequaled value of compassion. The Goddess is not jealous, and does not waste time on dualistic distinctions. If someone calls out in love to Allah, to Yahweh, to Jesus, or to the Buddha, She smiles. All those who breathe a sigh of relief when out in nature, who seek to help other beings, or who seek an understanding of their own minds and of life itself, are following Her whispered words of guidance. She embraces you all.  

Thoughts and emotions are energy vibrations, radiating out from us like ripples on the surface of a pond. These vibrations create consequences, as like attracts like: joy and love cause more happiness, while anger and greed beget misery. Therefore, it is a meaningful act to center our minds in peace and compassion, for ourselves and for all others.  Love is the heart of the Goddess in motion, Her first most precious gift. We invite you to accept Her love. Let it heal you; use it to heal the earth.   

​There is enough love, healing, and resources for all beings within the infinite bounty of the Goddess! Let in Her joy and love, allow it to fill your heart, and radiate Her light for the benefit of all.